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The eco-commons project has grown out of the interfaith/intercultural network: Faith & the Common Good (FCG). This is a network of Canada’s diverse faith communities working together on ethical issues in Canada and globally. Most work these days is focused on greening sacred spaces which helps faith communities become more ecologically-minded in everything from theological perspectives to the type of plumbing they use in their building. In founding this charity, it was discovered that seeking the “common good” made sense across religious and cultural differences and captured an ideal all could work towards.

Co-founders Ted Reeve and (the late) Bill Phipps moved out of the operations of FCG in order to work with folks across Canada to see the eco-commons as a helpful metaphor and community organizing strategy for the 21st century. As discussed below, they are offering the practices of commoning as a hopeful way to move beyond the many inequalities and the global threat of climate change. They join these efforts with the many other grassroots efforts seeking a better future for all.  They are joined by collaborators Peter Boothroyd, Tom Radford, Joe Ramsay, Audrey Bayens, and a growing network of others.

The project is being sponsored by Frank and Pat Guenther, who share in this vision. The EDGE network of The United Church of Canada provides administrative responsibility for this work.

All of us appreciate the opportunity to work on this creative project and to join with so many others in seeking the common good.


Ted Reeve

Ted Reeve

Bill Phipps

Bill Phipps

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