Current Arguments for the Commons

Silvia Frederici, in this interview with a German TV station, demonstrates that the commons is again becoming a powerful way of organizing our social and economic lives. She refutes the “tragedy of the commons” idea and points to how women are at the forefront of the commons movement.

What is Neoliberalism and how it dominates

George Monbiot provides a succinct definition of neoliberallism as the dominant economic system of our day. He explains how it operates and who benefits the most. He relates it to climate change and issues of migration these days.

Toward an Ecological Civilization

Jeremy Lent presents a helpful and hopeful explanation of how we are in the midst of a huge shift in human organization and relation to the planet. He calls this new era “Ecological Civilization” while we are calling it an “eco-commons.” We have similar intentions of moving towards a cooperative and sustainable way of life.

p2p (peer to peer) – Explaining “commons”

Over the last ten years, the P2P Foundation has produced a sizeable body of material, both original and curated, but none of it is specifically designed as an introduction for people who are not so familiar with the P2P approach. Irma Wilson, a member of the P2P Foundation and the founder of FutureSharp, decided to shoot a number of short videos featuring Michel Bauwens during his recent trip to South Africa. With Irma’s assistance and the help of filmmaker Michel Taljaard, they produced the four videos on this site.

The Story of Change

Can shopping save the world? The Story of Change urges viewers to put down their credit cards and start exercising their citizen muscles to build a more sustainable, just and fulfilling world.

The Great Transformation, Or How We (Just) Avoided a Climate Catastrophe

A historian in 2050 looks back at the first half of the century.
Presented at the UC Santa Barbara virtual conference:
The World In 2050: Creating/Imagining Just Climate Futures
October 2016
Presented by Jeremy R. Lent

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